Predictions for 2022: Covid Becomes Seasonal, Republicans Take Back Congress, Incredible Technology Unleashed, ‘Bama Beats Georgia.

Predictions for 2022Annual predictions are predictably unpredictable.  However, we have lurched around the Internet to find knowledgeable sources who can make intelligent guesses.

Here are a few we thought were worth passing along.


From a CNN Health article by Jacqueline Howard:

  • Many experts predict the spread of coronavirus will eventually look and feel more like that of seasonal influenza.
  • The U.S. may be past the peak of Omicron cases around the end of January.


From a Wall Street Journal column by Karl Rove who claims to have had a 70 percent accuracy rate for his 2021 predictions:

  • Republicans take back the House of Representatives.
  • The Senate becomes Republican by a seat or two.
  • President Biden’s approval rating at year’s end is 45% or below.
  • The Supreme Court will significantly weaken Roe v. Wade but not overturn it outright; states will be allowed to define more of their abortion policies.
  • The Jan. 6 Committee finds that groups deliberately planned violence for that day and the Willard Hotel Trump command center knew in advance there would be violence.
  • The Supreme Court slaps down Trump’s attempt to hide documents.
  • Russia doesn’t subjugate Ukraine but keeps applying enormous pressure on Kyiv and the West. China and North Korea perceive American weakness and increase hostile actions in the far Pacific. Taiwan becomes a flashpoint.

The Economy

Josh Bersin is an interesting fellow of whom I’ve only recently become aware.  His bio says he is a global research analyst.   He and his team of experts offer advisory services to clients around the world.

From his recent article entitled “Predictions for 2022: Everything Is About To Change,” Bersin writes:

  • It’s clear to me that we’re going to be in a very tight labor market.  Today there are close to 14 million jobs open in the United States and there could be 20 million open in 2022. It’s going to be very hard to hire.
  • We are about to witness the unleashing of the most incredible technology I’ve ever seen. Not only do we have AI under the covers of every HR, but Talent Intelligence systems are also getting incredibly good at matching, predicting, and selecting people. We have virtual reality and augmented reality tools, avatars, microlearning, and an entire industry of online AI-powered coaching.
  • I believe we’re going to have a stock market correction, a series of interest rate rises, and a lot of angst about inflation.

And One More

This is being written one day before the NCAA Football Championship game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia.  So “yours truly” here is going out on a limb and making a prediction of his own: Alabama will be the national champions!

And just maybe next year I can claim a 100 percent accuracy.  On the other hand, it could be . . . well, uh . . . nevermind.

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