Small Businesses Selling for Record Prices

2018 Q3 Small Businesses Sale Price vs Asking, the Internet’s largest business-for-sale marketplace, recently reported that sale prices of businesses sold in the third quarter of 2018 reached new highs. The record prices are directly related to higher earnings which also hit new levels in the third quarter.

With buyers able to offset increasing prices by acquiring healthier businesses, the result is a well-balanced market. While owners are getting top dollar for their business, buyers are acquiring businesses with a better financial footing.

Average selling prices in the third quarter of 2018 were up 10.7 percent as compared to the same quarter last year, setting an all-time record since the firm started collecting data in 2007.

2018 Q3 Key Financials for Sold Small Businesses

“Locally, here across the Southeast which is where my business brokerage practice is centered, our activity reflects the national trends,” said William Bruce, president of the American Business Brokers Association and a mergers and acquisitions specialists.

“The strong bottom line earnings,” Bruce continued “are giving business buyers an excellent investment opportunity.  And it’s giving business sellers, many of whom are at retirement age, a fair price for a business they’ve nurtured and grown over the years.”

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William Bruce is a business broker, an Accredited Business Intermediary and a business appraiser.  He currently serves as president of the American Business Brokers Association.  His practice includes consultations on matters involving business valuations and transfers.  He may be reached at (251) 990-5934 or by email at

(C) Copyright William Bruce.  All rights reserved.

About William Bruce

President, American Business Brokers Association / Business Broker and Accredited Business Intermediary assisting business buyers and sellers with the transfer of ownership since 1986 / Author: How to Buy a Business.
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