Alabama Native Now Running Apple Computer

Robertsdale Native Tim Cook, left, and Steve Jobs

Robertsdale, Alabama native Tim Cook has been tapped to run Apple Computer after Steve Job’s death.

Jobs resigned on August 24, 2011, and later lost his battle with cancer.

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs are polar opposites.  Cook is a quiet, soft-spoken, low-key executive compared to  Jobs’ often sarcastic, abrasive, ego-driven personality.

Cook graduated from Robertsdale High School, second in a class of almost 200 students.  He earned a degree in Industrial Engineering from Auburn in 1982 and his M.B.A. from Duke in 1988.  He remains a strong supporter of Auburn University with lots of Auburn football memorabilia in his office and home.

Cook is a fitness buff who enjoys hiking, cycling, and working out in the gym. Colleagues describe him as “driven.”  He regularly begins sending out emails at 4:30 a.m.

A lifelong bachelor, Cook was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1996, an experience he later said made him “see the world in a different way.” He now helps raise money for M.S. research.

Last year, while giving the commencement speech at Auburn University, Cook emphasized the importance of intuition in guiding his life’s important choices, and followed by stating that preparation and hard work are also necessary to execute on that intuition.

Cook serves on the boards of Nike and the National Football Foundation.

His parents still live in Robertsdale.  His father is a retired shipyard worker; his mother a homemaker.  Cook’s father said that “Tim is the kind of person who will finish anything he starts.”  His mother said he calls home every Sunday morning regardless of where he is around the globe.  She said he gets home to visit family and friends about twice a year.

Cook’s total earnings from Apple last year were $59 million.

Not bad for a boy from Robertsdale, Alabama.

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2 Responses to Alabama Native Now Running Apple Computer

  1. Tom says:

    Tim Cook must be an extraordinary person to be given the reigns at Apple and endorsed by Steve Jobs. The last time Jobs left Apple, it almost went under and I’m sure he has gone to great lenghts to make sure that doesn’t happen this time.

    I wish Mr. Cook well in his new role. I think he has performed well as interim CEO has proven himself worthy and able. Alabamians be proud!

  2. Tom, thanks for your visit here, and thanks for your comments. I agree. And the fact that he’s from Alabama and an Auburn grad makes us proud.

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